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Our initial visit to your home, office, or new construction is the key when understanding the scope-of-your-project. We can develop design ideas through quick sketches in both Bird’s Eye view and 3-D perspective that aids in perceiving some possibilities for your new or reconfigured space.


Meeting with you is essential in getting a sense of style and ideas. Sometimes it’s a color and pattern in a rug or a picture on the wall that expresses a personal starting point. Sometimes it’s the color and style of a kitchen bowl that hints at the direction to go in. And often an existing piece that you want in the new space, like a decorative sink purchased in Mexico or your stain glass door to your soon-to-be remodeled master bathroom. All of these elements open up possibilities that will help in designing a space that is uniquely yours.

“The choice of shape, size, and materials are what creates the project. The inspiration of ideas, design, and subtlety of color and texture creates what is uniquely yours.”

Cheryl Fontana


Working from just ideas, structural plans you provide, or architectural plans that I create for you, are necessary for clarity in the scope-of-the-project. Providing the services to assist in selecting all other elements needed for your project: such as cabinetry, countertop and tile, appliances, plumbing, and electrical fixtures is available to you.

Working closely with the best in their field, creating the highest quality and aesthetics is essential, while maintaining scheduling, content, and budget as a priority.

Attention to every last detail and being sensitive to your needs throughout the entire project is the key to successful results.

Enjoy the experience: As Judith expressed “a task that could be arduous becomes a fun and creative relationship working closely with each other, so you feel secure at every stage of your project.”

Cheryl Fontana

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