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Santa Barbara Back Patio Remodel

Patio – Before Remodel

It all started when I got a call from a contractor to assist in providing design ideas for his client’s back patio.

They wanted to install a jacuzzi in an area that did not have hardscape, and needed assistance on how it could fit design-wise in the existing patio layout. The clients felt it would be nice to also include a free-standing fireplace since it was a north facing patio and would add warmth to the area.

Well that was just the beginning of a wonderful collaboration to create and also upgrade the entire back patio area to enhance and reflect the beauty of their home.

The following was achieved:

  • Removed the existing hard surface material of 4×8 brick patio floor and the pony wall brick cap rails
  • Expand the patio to accommodate a jacuzzi
  • Shorten a portion of the pony wall length to make way for the jacuzzi and a larger pathway to enter this new patio area that also included a lounge area next to the jacuzzi
  • Replaced patio and pony wall caps with Oklahoma flagstone
  • Changed the location of the drainage away from the house with decorative linear drains

After developing design ideas from several photos that were provided, I created a free standing fireplace that was best suited both in size and style for their home.

  • The fireplace dovetailed into the existing pony wall to become the focal point of the patio
  • I created approved plans for permitting purposes
  • We stayed on schedule by working closely with my clients, the contractor, and crew
  • This made for efficient and successful results!

We used Cheryl Fontana for our backyard landscaping project. I saw a picture in a magazine of a fireplace that I wanted to duplicate on our back patio, and Cheryl came through with every detail in making that happen! I think it looks better than the picture. She was thorough with communication, measurements, drawings, and managing my contractors. She worked with the city for permits, and Together we picked out stone and tile. Cheryl also helped with landscape plants. Cheryl took time to inspect every phase of the project so that no mishaps arise. I would highly recommend using Cheryl Fontana for your next patio renovation or landscape project

Kristi Bittner

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